Crab delicious, nutrient-rich, containing a lot of protein and calcium, zinc, also contains more iron, vitamins and so on. Crab meat tender, delicious, is people like to share food.
Squid delicious, delicious, delicious and difficult to copy, after a long chew, you can feel the squid unique taste and flexibility. Soft and delicious, authentic, think about the index finger big move.
Beef contains enough vitamin B6, sarcosine, carnitine, potassium and protein, zinc, magnesium, iron, alanine, vitamin B12, beef fat content is very low, but rich in joint linoleic acid.
Each product we will be for consumer trends, dining habits and other research and development of new dishes, more customers to provide responsive production services.
In the ocean, there are all kinds of shellfish, and beautiful fish. Such as black slippery mussels, fat
razor clams, small melon ... ... they are different shapes, strange, very high nutritional value, is the
seafood treasures.

以其细腻甜美的味道而闻名于世,其肉质坚实而多汁。 冷水虾是蛋白质的一大来源,脂肪含量低,使其成为健康营养的美味。
Is known across the world for its delicate, sweet flavour with a firm and juicy texture to the meat.
The cold-water prawn is a great source of protein and low in fat, making it a healthy and nutritious
We are closest to the fish, closest to the customers and closest to the consumers.